Go ahead and sign up for a MaxMind account and obtain an API key( for the ip to location service).

In your Elementor editor, create a new page or post and add a widget that you want to conditionally display.

 Click the “Advanced” tab in the widget’s settings panel and then click the “Conditions” option.

    Click the “Add Condition” button and choose “Country” from the dropdown menu.

    In the “Value” field, enter the name of the country or region that you want to target.

    Use the following code snippet to determine the visitor’s location and store it in a variable:

$ip_address = $_SERVER['REMOTE_ADDR'];

$maxmind_client = new \MaxMind\Client($api_key);

$location = $maxmind_client->city($ip_address);

This will use the MaxMind client library to geolocate the visitor’s IP address and return data such as the visitor’s country, region, and city.

Use an if statement to compare the visitor’s location with the value you specified in the widget’s conditions. If the visitor’s location matches the value, display the widget; otherwise, hide it. For example:

if ($location->country->isoCode == 'US') {

    // Display the widget

} else {

    // Hide the widget


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